How often do you pay attention to the specific sounds of your home?


From the sound of a loved one’s key in the lock to the kiss of the fridge door closing, mundane sounds can remind us of the safety of our daily routines, our family connections, and the simple pleasures of making a house into a home…but we rarely take time to listen for them.


Learning the sounds of home can reduce anxiety, increase feelings of safety and belonging, and can increase the ability to be able to anticipate and tolerate sounds that may be especially loud but are necessary, such as the final spin on your washing machine.

Reflecting our current time of heightened anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic, House offers simple, friendly ways to find and make the unique sounds of your home feel warm, safe, and predictable. Grab a few bits and pieces from your cupboards, sing along and explore the unique rhythms of life in your household.

From multi-award-winning sensory theatre company, Collar & Cuffs Co,
House has been designed specifically for early years children (0-7s), including those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, and people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities. Signed in a mix of Makaton and early sign with subtitles.

Suitable for children with auditory sensitivities or anxieties. House may also be of interest to foster carers, adoptive parents, or families in safe accommodation following domestic abuse.

Notes for teachers: You can use this series as a shared resource with families. Consider sharing experiences and repeating activities and songs via Zoom sessions or inviting families to record and send in their special sounds of home to share in the classroom.


Sun, Sep 13
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Episode 1 - Comings & Goings
Let’s explore keys, locks, doors, greetings & goodbyes together.
Sun, Sep 20
Episode 2 - Cleaning & Caring
Sing along to the unique sounds of cleaning in your home
Sun, Sep 27
Episode 3 - Cooking & Eating
Let’s create a kitchen orchestra!
Sun, Oct 11
Episode 4 - Day & Night
Let’s explore how sounds in our home change across the day and find ways to feel peaceful with night-time sounds.
Episode 1 - Comings & Goings
Sep 13, 2:00 PM
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