This series of six workshops invites listeners to connect with physical locations and in-between virtual locations, expanding their sense of place and their sense of presence while making relations with memories and all living beings. 


Informed by Deep Listening® practice, as well as by migratory listening relational art-research practice, the workshops will involve individual and collective exercises for listening to physical locations, listening to virtual spaces, in tandem with dreams, through the embodied experiences of breathing and walking in and in-between all these spaces.

All six sessions £75




XIMENA ALARCÓN-DIAZ is a sound artist and an independent academic researcher interested in listening to our migrations and other interstitial spaces using networking technologies. She works with people in improvisational games, using Deep Listening® practice and through networked and telematic sonic improvisatory performances (between distant locations). For these, she creates Interfaces for Relational Listening.


Listening Deeply for Relations Between Place and Presence

Session 1 . 10:00 - 12:00 . 29th Nov

Walking/Listening for place

This session will focus on listening to and sensing place (physical locations where we inhabit), and invite people to listen as they walk in a place of their choice, noticing their rhythms, emotions, using the full body awareness that follows the feet directions.


Session 2 . 18:30 - 20:30 . 2nd Dec

Making place

Derived from diaries of walking/listening for place, participants will share their reflections and compose collective listening exercises (meditations) for making place.


Session 3 . 10:00 - 12:00 . 6th Dec

Breathing/Listening for presence

This session will focus on listening to and feeling presence, experiencing breathing as a bridge between the self, the environment and others. Participants will be invited listen to modes of breathing derived from their everyday life: to feel inner presence, and to feel others.


Session 4 . 18:30 - 20:30 . 9th Dec

Feeling presence

Derived from diaries of breathing/listening for presence, participants will share their reflections and compose collective listening exercises (meditations), for feeling presence.


Session 5 . 10:00 - 12:00 . 13th Dec

In-between spaces: relational listening

This session will focus on listening to in-between spaces where place and presence merge in a set of relations. People will listen to dreams, technological bi-directional transmissions of sound, and body movement, in a telematic space to make connections with the inner self, with the ones who are physically close, and across distant locations.


Session 6 . 18:30 - 20:30 . 16th Dec


In this session participants will share their diaries of listening to in-between spaces, the making of relations, and collectively design listening improvisations to listen to and to connect in and through in-between spaces.

sessions 1 & 2  £30

sessions 3 & 4  £30

sessions 5 & 6  £30


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