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Sonomateca is an invitation to body listening. This practice consists of six episodes drawing attention to several parts and systems of the body. The first part of each session activates the body via somatic exercises.


The second part consists of deep listening exercises that includes live performed sounds within a participatory setting.

ARTUR VIDAL delivers Deep Listening workshops in London and is an improvising musician.

KARINA SCHERBAKOVA is a performer and movement practitioner.

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Episode 01: BONES

Bones give us structure. They offer support, help balance, and create stability in our movement. Awareness can enable bones to achieve healthy alignment. When the structure is unaware of itself, there are compensatory patterns which come and change the alignment.

Episode 02: SKIN

The skin is a surface that creates recognition of internal space and with its different layers and sensors connects us with the external environment. In this session we will look at the skin as the space of communication between inside and outside and experience some of its qualities and properties.

Episode 03: LUNGS

Usually, we never accompany our breath with attention on a constant basis. During this session we will learn how to recognise the different parts of the lungs to be able to acknowledge the whole organ and to increase awareness towards 'gaseous nourishment'.

Episode 04: DIGESTION

The state of our digestive organs directly affects our posture and movement. Ease and balance in these organs support our vitality and comfort, our tone and feelings. In this session we will learn how to feel our digestive track and relate to it through guided self-touch and movement.

Episode 05: BODY FLUIDS

Some are the ones that perform presence and constant transformation, whilst others set the ground for basic communication, and mediate the dynamics of flow between rest and activity. Each fluid relates to a different quality. We will explore the possibility of connecting to a fluid state of being.

Episode 06: THE EAR

How do we filter, modify, distort, accept, reject, and use the information we perceive? In this session we will explore ears and hearing as well as a possibility for listening allowing other senses to assist and support this form of communication.

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