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In this hands-on video series you will examine the soundscape. You will develop listening skills through practical sound recording exercises and every week you’ll improve your technique with short recording tasks in different sonic spaces.

You will be shown the concepts and equipment to record and edit sound to create natural soundscape arrangements.

There is also a 1-day on-site location recording trip and you will get individual video feedback every week. No prior knowledge of equipment required, just a phone and computer and an interest in recording sounds of the natural world. 

Maximum of 10 participants.

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CHRIS STANLEY has a passion for the sound of the natural world and how we as a culture can re-connect with our natural surroundings through sonic exploration. After many years as a musician he studied sound recording and has gone on to work as a sound engineer and later as a sound designer and recordist for film & TV. He currently run Fusion Sound Creative.


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