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An online development of the acclaimed We're All Bats workshop series commissioned by the Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture in 2019


Presenting series of workshops, activities and events aiming to:

  • develop natural faculties for attention to subtlety in aural perception and mindfulness

  • expand one’s aesthetic appreciation of sound

  • promote practical skills for listening for expanding one’s sound environment


The focus is on the experience of the visitor to the channel hence named the Listening Arts. We are not a music webzine, or editorial, we do not focus on music as a cultural asset but on sound as a sensory experience and what we may learn as individuals and society by enriching and developing our aural perceptions.

Our programme is divided into several categories, each exploring different ways in which listening is the act which leads our understanding of the experience.

• Listening for Early Years •

Listening to Ourselves •

Spaces of Listening •

Listening as Culture •

masterclass •



Membership gives you discounts on the professional courses and you can enjoy the episodes after they have been scheduled. The programme will be available as a series of scheduled episodes distributed online. Most of these will require the listener simply to book in using the booking system on this site.

Members who subscribe through our online system will be able to access a selection of episodes from an archive that will be populated after the episode has been aired and gain discounts from tickets to the workshops.


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