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The Listening Arts Channel offers live streams of Listening Arts workshops and events from around the world,  promoting sound as a sensory experience and what we may learn as individuals and society by enriching and developing our aural perceptions.

The channel is an online development of the acclaimed We're All Bats onsite workshop series commissioned by the Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture in 2019. Through a series of workshops, activities and events it aims to:


• Develop natural faculties for attention to subtlety in aural perception and mindfulness

• Expand one’s aesthetic appreciation of sound

• Promote practical skills for listening for expanding one’s sound environment

Our programme is divided into several categories, each exploring different ways in which listening is the act which leads our understanding of the experience.

• Listening for Early Years

• Listening to Ourselves

• Spaces of Listening

• Listening as Culture

• Masterclasses (during our live seasons)

The channel features 24 different series from curated seasons we hosted from Sept 2020 - Apr 2021. You are encouraged to browse the programme exploring the different series the channel has to offer.​ We also regularly feature additional content from other organisations and artists around the world, sharing their projects with our audience.


We encourage you to donate to free events where possible, as all funds raised this way will go back to the contributor of that experience. We also have a membership system, detailed of which can be found here.

The project is produced by Newtoy Ltd and is curated by Joel Cahen and Daniel Mackenzie.

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