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Dates: Wednesdays 3rd - 24th Feb


A series of durational field recordings focused on environmental listening taken in the Limpopo province of South Africa in 2017. All sessions have been presented in binaural, creating an immersive, 360° listening space.


This series of listening sessions provides immersive spatial listening and a sense of escapism at a time where travel is limited. Listen to the unique sounds of the South African soundscapes that we would normally have very little access to and may never be able to experience in the same way again.

              Note – headphone listening is essential to get the full spatial image.



Twitter/Insta @nikkimsheth 

NIKKI SHETH is a sound artist based in Birmingham, UK. She uses field recordings to produce site-specific soundscape works. Her practice involves extensive field recording, multi-channel soundscape composition, multimedia installations and soundwalking. She has been on field recording residencies around the world and her installation and sound works have been presented internationally. In 2020 she was awarded a Sound and Music award and was nominated for the Phonurgia Nova Awards in the soundscape category. She has been teaching Studio Composition at The University of Birmingham since 2018 and is a member of sound collective SOUNDkitchen.

  • Wed, 24 Feb
    Video stream
    24 Feb, 09:00 – 23:00 GMT
    Video stream
    See and hear a different side to Harrry's Weir as we revisit it at night. Category: [Spaces] // Series: [Binaural Soundscapes]
  • Wed, 17 Feb
    Video stream
    17 Feb, 09:00 – 23:00 GMT
    Video stream
    Journey through three different soundscapes today, focusing on the sounds of birds flocking above us at a waterhole to have a drink, frogs emerging as the rain finally arrives in Limpopo and hippos saying goodbye on the final recording day of the trip.
  • Wed, 10 Feb
    Video stream
    10 Feb, 09:00 – 23:00 GMT
    Video stream
    Discover the sounds that are heard on the bank of the Umzumbi.
  • Wed, 03 Feb
    Video stream
    03 Feb, 09:00 – 23:00 GMT
    Video stream
    Surrounded by crocodiles and hippos, immerse yourself in the natural sounds of the riverbank at Harry's Weir, in the first instalment of this series which uses field recording, 3D audio soundscape composition, multimedia installations and sound walking techniques.

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