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Episode 6: Edges

uses sections of durational recordings from Southern Australia.
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Episode 6: Edges

10 Dec 2020, 17:00

I listen (sometimes pressing record) because I enjoy it. These

recordings came from a few days spent relaxing after a workshop

residency in Australia. Why does this matter? Well, because I

believe that there always has to be part of the impulse to work

with sound that is motivated by a personal enjoyment of the

process, and this must include critical thinking about any of the

documents that are then chosen to become public in some way. The

edges represented here connect to borders between ‘art world’ and

art, between allowed and restricted, between political aims and

cultural needs, between domestic and environment.

Listening is more than hearing. It’s about letting sounds in and

that requires a letting go of control, and a recognition (for

artist, recordist, audience) of the intuitive response being a

natural part of our species.

nb. headphone listening or via audio speakers is recommended as

some of the frequencies are inaudible via computer speakers

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