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We are looking for an experienced workshop leader to work with inexperienced participants and produce a radio art piece to go on air and online.

For the upcoming We're All Bats Dover, we are looking for an experienced workshop leader to work with participants and produce a 15min radio art piece that will be played on air in September 2023.


There are two 6-hour workshop series, with two separate groups, taking place weekly in June-July 2023.

We need either one or two people to deliver these. The participants are mostly non musicians and some would be from migrant communities at the Barracks in Folkestone.


The fee for each workshop series and resulting radio piece is £1000 plus travel expenses.

Send your CV with a covering letter to

Deadline for applications: Monday 8th May

Job Requirements
The successful applicant:
   •    Can demonstrate having worked with non-musician and inexperienced workshop participants.

   •    Is charismatic able to engage participants in a creative process.

   •    is a proficient sound recordist and sound mixer.

   •    Has good knowledge of narrative sound composition.

   •    Has previous radio work experience (preferable)

   •    Is based in Kent (preferable)

Job Responsibilities
The successful applicant will be required to:
   •    Work with participants and develop the concept and content of an engaging radio art piece.

   •    Work with the producer to shape the direction of the piece and mix

   •    Travel to Dover and Folkestone as necessary for the workshops.


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