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Dates: Thursdays 21st Jan - 18th Feb


The second season of Phono Doc, a podcast series where we go through the work of artists who utilize sound recording as a medium for expressing the spatial and socio-political conditions of every day life, exploring the possible capabilities of phonography and listening in catalyzing social reconfigurations.

In this second season we will get deeper into aesthetics of liberation and decolonial aesthetics, Argentinean 3rd cinema as a form of cultural and political resistance, social documentary phonography, guerrilla phonography, and the recuperation of oral history and aurality as a medium of exchange information and knowledge. Throughout the series you will hear readings, recordings, conversations and interviews.

JUAN CASTRILLO was born in Jujuy, Argentina. His work explores the role of acoustic cultural objects which may allow the confguration of scenarios for political organizing. In the same line, he investigates the esthetic and political potential of sound recording of cultural expressions and social struggles. He is founder and director of the netlabel Earwitness, and also performs audio production for audiovisual projects. He presented his work at Le Consortium Centre d'Art Contemporain (Dijon, FR), Phonophon (Frankfurt, DE), Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (Barcelona, ES), Signal Festival X Edizione (Cagliari, IT), among others.

  • Thu, 18 Feb
    Video stream on
    18 Feb, 09:00 – 23:00 GMT
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    Oral history and the necessity of a cultural shifting towads aurality as a practice for transmitting and acquiring knowledge. Category: [Cultures] // Series: [Phonodoc II]
  • Thu, 11 Feb
    Video stream on
    11 Feb, 09:00 – 23:00 GMT
    Video stream on
    Capturing sound in the middle of socio-political storms.
  • Thu, 04 Feb
    Video stream on
    04 Feb, 16:00 GMT – 05 Feb, 06:00 GMT
    Video stream on
    Phonography as a social document: an artform that can both invoke or transform the social.
  • Thu, 28 Jan
    Video stream on
    28 Jan, 09:00 – 23:00 GMT
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    Argentinean 3rd cinema: political use of documentary film for social militancy during the 60s and 70s in Argentina. What can we learn from this experience that could be applied in the realm of sonic studies?
  • Thu, 21 Jan
    Video stream on
    21 Jan, 09:00 – 23:00 GMT
    Video stream on
    What are aesthetics of liberation and decolonial aesthetics? South American aesthetic production from a global political stance.

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