Sensory  Deception: 

The Psychoacoustics and Sonic Illusion


Join us for a journey through musical illusion, subjective experience of psychoacoustic listening scenarios and explore your incredible, unperfect auditory system. 


This series considers your computer as psychoactive audio-visual delivery system: one that can transform your domestic and / mobile environment using sound and light. We will be walking an experimental path where the Zoom presentation format will be explored as a new domain of ambient sensory experience, critical discourse and collective experience.


Tuesdays at 8pm   3rd Nov - 15th Dec




J Milo Taylor is an artist, musician, producer and researcher, and is course leader for the BA (Hons) Sound Arts course at London College of Communication. Milo’s teaching is informed by contemporary approaches to cybernetic theory and pedagogic / paragogic practices. This implies constant and productive movement between teaching, research and art making.