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Learn about the long history of neurofeedback in the arts and obtain the knowledge and tools needed to begin creating sounds with your own brainwaves.

You’ll develop a more informed understanding of the 5 brainwaves and how each one can alter how we feel.


We’ll also go over how to begin guiding your quintephonic compositions with simple breathing techniques and thought patterns.

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EP01: A History of Neurofeedback in the Arts

The artists and scientists who have helped to bring this ethereal art-form to life. 

EP03: Filtering Brainwave Data with Intention

Learn techniques on how to filter your brainwave midi data using virtual instruments and how your intention affects this.

EP02: Introduction to Brainwave Sonification

The tools needed to become a neurofeedback artist.

EP04: Advanced Performance Techniques

Within our last episode we’ll dig into more advanced techniques for controlling your virtual instruments with more clarity and intention. I’ll demonstrate techniques you can use to generate dynamic changes in brainwave states.


JOSHUA W BRUNER holds a deep passion for exploring the worlds of sound, creative neurofeedback, and meditation. After 20 years of playing music in bars and venues around the globe, Joshua has turned his creative tendencies towards applying sound as a means to improve health and wellness. He currently operates Drift Sound Meditations, a virtual studio exploring the many research-based benefits of slowing down with music.

Instagram: @drift_sound_meditations


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