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Browse the map to listen to recordings contributed from around the world.

Four live mixes of curated soundscapes from different parts of the world that can never be heard together.

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UDO NOLL is a media artist living and working in Berlin and Cologne and is the founder and developer of Radio Aporee, a platform for projects and practice in the areas of field recording / phonography, sound art and experimental radio. After numerous works in the field of since the mid 90s, e.g. Øtherlands (Documenta X 1997), Parole (Venedig Biennale 2000) und H|u|m|b|o|t (ZKM 1999-2004), Noll increasingly engages with sound in his works, esp. field recordings, their sonic topographies and potential spatio-temporal configurations on both real environments and digital spaces. Within this context, he created the global sound cartography Radio Aporee ::: maps, as well as the miniatures for mobiles, a platform for location based sound art works in public space. The question of relevance and potential of these works and materials for an experimental radio is subject of recents projects.

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