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Stand in your chosen point to start your walk and press play.



Sound trails is an interactive sound walk that can be explored in any urban environment around the world. It is a walking meditation that asks the listener to re-hear the city around them, observe the sonic connections between people and place and re-connect with their city on a sonic level!

Sound artist Lucy Claire leads the listener through a series of moments and small meditations, tuning ears into the city soundscape through suggestions, pauses, actions and activities. Then, once the ear is awake, using immersive soundscapes from urban centres around the world, she transports the listener further, where similarities between contrasting cities merge and disorientate.

Perfect for solo reflection and adventure, it is a playful and philosophical way to engage with an urban environment.

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LUCY CLAIRE explores a balance between alternative, electronic, classical music and real-world sounds, birdsong, shuffling feet and muted conversations are as important in her compositions as the cello and violin and the result is highly immersive. Lucy believes that music often reflects the landscapes surrounding a composer whether its real or imaginary.

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