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The sound massage compositions take the ASMR concept further. Holophonic, binaural videos that are constructed through a particular listening attitude whereby the sound object is listened to as a sound source manipulated for its sonic quality without belying its origin, conceptual purpose or meaning.

Headphones needed to experience these episodes for the intended effect

Season 4 Sound Massage_.jpg

Composition 1: TRAFFIC OF SOULS

This episode invites you to and close your eyes and embrace the role of the Traveller. Centred around a collection embodying fauna and flora, rock, predator and prey, the composition's point of departure is the Sun and the transmutation of energy from one living object to the next.

Composition 2: VISIONS


Created to induce visions in the mind’s eye, through voice, percussion and song and only human-made objects. This composition asks that the sound wanderer to be aware of their inner perception and to focus and enjoy searching for any visual representations they may awaken during this sonic ride!

Composition 3: DREAMINGS


Our own spiritual and mental journeys hold a source of power, inspiration and form the very drive of our existence. I have a recurring dream where I enter an epic landscape, this sound massage is inspired by this dreamscape and welcomes you into the sphere of the sonic landscape wanderer.



Sounds treated as elongated envelopes, long durational transitions to create a deep river underbelly with bubbling surface.


A multi-layered digital dreamscape texture where binaural beats travel over and through the holophonic sphere, an aura sphere with an analogue joystick of sound.


An instructive sound experience intended to relay your inner visual dialogue through rhythm repetition.

Rebecca Horrox Artist image.jpg

REBECCA HORROX is a performer, visual artist, sound artist and composer. Her work encompassing projects across music, dance and installation. She realises her compositions through visual performance, music and sound conjured directly and indirectly through voice, body, object kinesthesis and electronics. Her work binds characters and objets d’art in neoteric myth, sculpted costume and ‘props’ are sonified, given voice, creating atmosphere, ubiquitous noise and music.

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