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Dates: Wednesdays 3rd - 17th March


The sound massage compositions that are take the ASMR concept further. Holophonic, binaural videos that are constructed through a particular listening attitude whereby the sound object is listened to as a sound source manipulated for its sonic quality without belying its origin, conceptual purpose or meaning.

These new compositions feature more handmade electronic instruments and instruments, binaural beats and a sound massage weaving in elements from shamanic practice to enhance and recollect a personal visual inward journey.

The listener wearing a blind-fold is transported by a rich dreamtime tapestry of sounds far from the source into a deep sonic meditation.

Headphones needed to experience these episodes for the intended effect

  • Wed, 17 Mar
    Video stream on
    17 Mar, 20:00 GMT
    Video stream on
    A binaural sound experience intended to relay your inner visual dialogue through rhythmic sonic landscapes. Category: [Spaces] // Series: [Sound Massage II]
  • Wed, 10 Mar
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    10 Mar, 20:00 GMT
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    Multi-layering using mini mp3 players LaHorrox will create a digital dreamscape texture where binaural beats travel over and through the holophonic sphere, an aura sphere with analogue joy stick of sound. Category: [Spaces] // Series: [Sound Massage II]
  • Wed, 03 Mar
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    03 Mar, 20:00 GMT
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    Sounds treated as elongated envelopes, long durational transitions to create a deep river underbelly with bubbling surface. Category: [Spaces] // Series: [Sound Massage II]

REBECCA HORROX is a performer, visual artist, sound artist and composer. Her work encompassing projects across music, dance and installation. She realises her compositions through visual performance, music and sound conjured directly and indirectly through voice, body, object kinesthesis and electronics. Her work binds characters and objets d’art in neoteric myth, sculpted costume and ‘props’ are sonified, given voice, creating atmosphere, ubiquitous noise and music.


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