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A poetry audiobook that explores the sounds of our planet. Step into each sound world and be guided through the new terrain by our beguiling narrator, Phil McDermott.


It takes children away from the kitchen table and transports them to new and exciting places from the howling jungles of Borneo to the icy clouds of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and along the way they'll meet flocks of flamingos, gibbons, cicadas and so much more.




Limpopo Nights is the first in the series of soundscape adventures. You will be transported into the bush of the Limpopo at night through captivating sound recordings and spoken word; loaded with mystery, intrigue and thought-provoking questions.

Storm Song is the third in the series of soundscape adventures. You will be transported into a mighty stormy night in the middle of the African bush, let the thunder wash over you.

Beach is the second in the series of soundscape adventures. Take a stroll along the shore and be soothed by the lapping lull of the waves and ponder on what lies beneath the surface.

The fourth track in our soundscape adventures asks you to listen closely to where you are right now, listening to our narrator. It asks you to turn your attention to the sounds you hear all the time, the ordinary and mundane, the sounds so familiar you might not even notice them anymore!

This is the fifth track in our soundscape adventure series! It transports you way up high into The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, a small country within South Africa. 2000 metres above sea level, Sani Mountain Lodge was located within a cloud, step into this mysterious sound world.



LUCY CLAIRE explores a balance between alternative, electronic, classical music and real-world sounds, birdsong, shuffling feet and muted conversations are as important in her compositions as the cello and violin and the result is highly immersive. Lucy believes that music often reflects the landscapes surrounding a composer whether its real or imaginary.

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