Sounds of Our World


A poetry audiobook that explores the sounds of our planet. Step into each sound world and be guided through the new terrain by our beguiling narrator, Phil McDermott.


It takes children away from the kitchen table and transports them to new and exciting places from the howling jungles of Borneo to the icy clouds of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and along the way they'll meet flocks of flamingos, gibbons, cicadas and so much more.


Tuesdays and Saturdays 5th Nov - 12th Dec

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LUCY CLAIRE explores a balance between alternative, electronic, classical music and real-world sounds, birdsong, shuffling feet and muted conversations are as important in her compositions as the cello and violin and the result is highly immersive. Lucy believes that music often reflects the landscapes surrounding a composer whether its real or imaginary.