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Home Tapes


Home Tapes is a triptych of sonic theatre pieces by artists on the Erased Tapes label, reflecting on the concept of ‘home’.


Composer-saxophonist Daniel Thorne, multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick, and singer-songwriter Douglas Dare each conjure a distinctive space from the architecture of their musical practice, sketching details with storytelling and binaural sound design, and invite the listener into these private worlds. Written, performed and recorded under varying states of lockdown, the project aims to furnish a sense of shared place and rekindle a spirit of hospitality at a time of enforced alienation.

Home Tapes Ep 1 (photo Kane Reinholdtsen

EP01 Two Different Skies

Composer-saxophonist Daniel Thorne contrasts vivid, sensuous impressions from his childhood home of Perth, Australia, and from his adopted home of Liverpool, England.


Written, composed and performed by Daniel Thorne. Editing and dramaturgy by Patrick Eakin Young. Full credits at

EP02 Local Landscapes in the West of Ireland

The second of three new sonic theatre commissions from artists on the Erased Tapes label, reflecting on the concept of "home". American multi-instrumentalist and singer Peter Broderick takes a wander through the landscapes, both natural and manmade, of his adopted home on the west coast of Ireland.


Featuring music from his album Blackberry (courtesy of Erased Tapes). Written, performed and recorded by Peter Broderick. Dramaturgy by Patrick Eakin Young. Full credits on

EP03 Coming Home

English songsmith Douglas Dare shares the euphoria of a night out with his chosen family: the fabulous denizens of London's queer East End.


Composed, performed and recorded by Douglas Dare. Written by Patrick Eakin Young, from interviews with the artist.

Full credits on

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