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The series enlarges the listening realms of Paris working with the artist's local surroundings. "I want to defend a very direct (but focused) way to listen and to question my listening into my everyday life. As a political act, I think working in my surroundings will give me more time to listen better because I could come back, or even live in it."

This series presents unrepresented places/locations, removed from the sound clichés of Paris : an apartment, a building-site, a car park, sounds from everyday life.


In the flow of events, there are sudden accidents, surges, at the limits of the perceptible and the inaudible, that modify the experience of the place, of the moment and transform its ordinary. In this never-ending wait, the event emerges from the improbable.


eric la casa - series.jpg
eric la casa.jpg

ERIC LA CASA has been questioning his perception of reality, while listening to his environment and has tried to expand the notion of infra-ordinary (milieu at low intensity), from background noise to the inaudible passing by the wait. As a result of his in-situ listening processes, Eric explores the phenomenological power of reality in everyday life. In the same way that the map stimulates a country’s reading, the in-situ aesthetic object renews our relationship to space and time.

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