TAKE BACK CONTROL TALKAOKE: Patriotism, Identity Politics, Living with Risk


The People Speak contributes to the channel with Take Back Control Talkaoke, a series of three online talk shows featuring international audiences who are not afraid to share their opinions on patriotism, identity politics and living with risk and listen to others share theirs. They want to hear what YOU think!

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS - take part in the talk show email them on info@thepeoplespeak.org.uk with ‘Take Back Control Talkaoke - Participation’ in the subject line.




The People Speak are a collective of international arts practitioners based in East London. They use performance art, multi-media and technology to stimulate discussion, generate ideas, and inform decision making in the public and cultural sphere through fun, interactive formats.



Session 2: Identity Politics: Get Real!

2nd Oct, 16:30 - 19:00

Camera and mic can be left off if you like

Drop in and out anytime. We want to hear your opinions

Is ‘virtue signalling’ the new pandemic?  

How do we navigate this new, super sensitive, politically correct minefield?

Have so many people lost their grip on reality?

Session 3: Living With Risk - What Are The Real Dangers?

16th Oct, 16:30 - 19:00

Email, to be sent details of Zoom link

Is your cultural integrity at risk? What is culture? Have we lost respect for our history and heritage? Are we distracted by the new, over what has built up for centuries? Who decides what is worthy and worthless culture? Do we value the statues and public art in our public spaces? 

Session 1: Patriotism and the Nation
Who will protect your country? Is your political set up under threat from foreign powers and itself through secret internet action, media control, fake news, restrictive trade agreements and financial might? In a global system, how do you help to preserve your country's integrity and identity?
Sep 18, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM