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Experiment with sound and explore the creation of music from unexpected sources.  Using fun and engaging experiments, games and challenges everyone can enjoy making music, regardless of experience. 

A poetry audiobook that explores the sounds of our planet. Step into each sound world and be guided through the new terrain It takes children away from the kitchen table and transports them to new and exciting places 

Experiment with sound and explore the creation of music from unexpected sources.  Using fun and engaging experiments, games and challenges everyone can enjoy making music, regardless of experience. 

SEN/D orientated. Sound Tracks multi sensory storytelling present a series of live interactive classes; Sound Stories. Emmie and Alice lead these creative workshops to explore the sounds around us using found objects, body percussion and our voices.



Let’s explore keys, locks, doors, greetings & goodbyes together.

In a series of sound baths, AHRKH explores each chakra through intention, sound, and frequency, using both traditional and contemporary instrumentation, to create and hold a space for inner exploration, alignment, and expansion.   

Sonomateca is an invitation to body listening. This practice consists of six episodes drawing attention to several parts and systems of the body. The first part of each session activates the body via somatic exercises.

A series of three online talk shows featuring international audiences who are not afraid to share their opinions on patriotism, identity politics and living with risk and listen to others share theirs. 

Exploring non-lingual communication. Here communication is not approached as a transmission of information, ruled by code or abstract conventions, but as a connection through affection, attention, glitches, lags and even voids.

Join us in exploration of breath, sound, touch and fluid movement to get you into the deep end of relaxation. Accompanied by live music created for Musical Hydrotherapy, you will be guided through the basic principles of aquatic contact improvisation dance and bodywork, bringing touch and movement qualities from water on land. 

This season, the focus is on the five primordial elements of nature - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space - and their symbolic relationship to our mind and body, and our connection to the natural world. Sit back, relax, and let the sound of gongs, singing bowls, and contemporary instruments guide you on a personal inner journey of frequency and intention.

Sonomateca II develops a Deep Listening practice to discover how sound resonates in the space between our skin and our clothing.

In this workshop we will explore telematic improvisation. Working with sound, visuals, voice, instrumentation and movement. the idea is to develop your personal skill while affecting and being affected by a collective activity. engaging with all senses in a meaningful compositional exchange.



This guided listening walk allows the listener to choose to walk in a forest or a library. They are asked to attend to different tasks in order to shift between different modes of prolonged sonic and environmental perception. It is made for an individual and is designed to be listened on headphones.

Pop into Tim Shaw's head as he wanders the streets and nature of Switzerland. See what he sees and hear what he hears plus some real-time modulations. An unedited live personalised sound walk 

Four variations on the ASMR concept and a creative workshop. Close up sounds, micro-textures from hand-operated found objects. 

You will need your headphones for this experience to hear the holophonic sounds.

Sound trails is an interactive sound walk that can be explored in any urban environment around the world. It is a walking meditation that asks the listener to re-hear the city around them, observe the sonic connections between people and place and re-connect with their city on a sonic level!

Using live feeds from CCTV cameras in Oxford, New Orleans, Kranjska Gora and Tokyo. This series presents an immersive 3D sonic abstraction of language that creates an ulterior understanding of our pandemic world, as people's movement and interaction transform sound in real time.

A series of durational field recordings focused on environmental listening taken in the Limpopo province of South Africa in 2017. All sessions have been presented in binaural, creating an immersive, 360° listening space. This series of listening sessions provides immersive spatial listening and a sense of escapism at a time where travel is limited.



Three plants play a vintage synth (with no built in sequencer) in real time with midi biodata sonification device.  By attaching the two probes to the leaves of a plant the device measures and identifies the tiny electrical current fluctuations the plant generates.

A podcast series where we will discover the work of artists who utilize sound recording as a medium for expressing the spatial and socio-political conditions of every day life, exploring the possible capabilities of phonography and listening in catalyzing social reconfigurations.

Finnegans Wake is a night-time stream of consciousness; a dream. The best way to read it is to listen to it, dipping in and out of it (like a river!). Even if the 'plot' seems obscure, as a dipping listener you gradually amass sensations and impressions and a dream-like perception of rebirth, recirculation, eternal return, and love. It's full of humour too. Above all, don't feel you have to understand any of it.

Seven fascinating episode uncovering musical illusion, subjective experience of psychoacoustic listening scenarios and explore your incredible, unperfect auditory system. 

An engaging sound collage presenting an unique historical documentation of a century of  Sound Art from the early 20th century to 2006.

An introduction to sound art and its potential to investigate and present social history. Through listening, discussion and practical tasks

[RADIOPHONICS] is a project about sound & storytelling, examining the history of radio and how certain technologies allow us to create new metaphors and therefore new fictions. Eva leads a series of seminars, videos and workshops for us to tune into the semiotics of sound and foley art.

A podcast series where we go through the work of artists who utilize sound recording as a medium for expressing the spatial and socio-political conditions of every day life.


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