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Dates: 8pm Tuesdays 19th Jan - 9th Feb


Sound Art & Social History is a series of four, one hour workshops. The sessions will give an introduction to sound art and its potential to investigate and present social history. Through listening, discussion and practical tasks over Zoom, the participants will explore the medium in an interactive and accessible way.

There will be an emphasis on exploring the use of field recordings and interviews in sound art and soundscape composition. Participants will be encouraged to make recordings on their phones and explore the sound in their own surroundings.

SAM BLAND is a sound artist, composer, workshop leader and activist based in South East London. Sam is interested in radical history, audio voyeurism and community education. These themes are hugely present in his work, which frequently explores social history from below. His sound art often combines interviews, field recordings and electronics.

  • EP01 An Introduction
    Jan 19, 8:00 PM GMT – Jan 20, 9:00 PM GMT
    Live Zoom session
    Discussing and interacting with the sound 'object'. Discussing and listening to sound art within the context of social history.
  • EP02: Field Recording
    Jan 26, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT
    Live Zoom session
    We will explore the art of field recording by examining different recording techniques and taking part in a short interactive task.
  • EP03: The Voice
    Feb 02, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT
    Live Zoom session
    Listen to archive recordings of secretly recorded family discussions and gatherings, horse races and music compilations on cassette tapes.
  • EP04: Sound Manipulation
    Feb 09, 8:00 PM GMT – Feb 10, 9:00 PM GMT
    Live Zoom session

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